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Trash & Recycling Collection

Waste and recycling collection is currently provided by Hometown Disposal for all Lan Avon residents.  Hometown's neat and clean cart service simplifies your household waste disposal. Below is some information to help make this this service as simple and seamless as possible:

Service Provided by Hometown:

1–64-gallon cart for trash per home, collected weekly

1–96-gallon cart for recycling per home, collected twice per month (2nd and 4th Friday of the month)

  • Carts must be placed at the curb with the front (look for the bar running through the middle) facing the street.
  • Please place containers out the night before service. Hometown often collects in the early morning hours before most are awake.
  • The lids on the containers must be closed. If you have more trash than what fits in the cart and cannot close the lid, please contact Hometown about purchasing tags (see note below about extra trash)
  • Waste inside the trash container should be bagged. This will help us keep our community clean!
  • Material inside the recycling container can not be bagged. The recycling center needs this material to be loose so they can sort it and recycle it properly.


Sometimes, you need just a little bit more

Hosted a party and now your trash can is overflowing? Celebrated a birthday and need to dispose of extra boxes and wrapping paper? Consider it done with Hometown's Tag-A-Bag option! Tag-A-Bag is a convenient solution for those sporadic times when you have just a bit more trash than what will fit in the cart. Simply affix one of the tags to each extra loose bag of trash and set those bags out with your regular trash pickup. 

  • To order tags from Hometown, please call their office at (866) 948-7274.
    *All individual bags left at the curb must be tagged. Tags are sold in bundles of 5.

Bulk Items such as mattresses, couches, and other furniture can also be collected for an additional charge. Please call Hometown at (866) 948-7274 to schedule this collection ahead of time.

Unacceptable items for trash collection

  • Liquids such as motor oil, gasoline, or wet paint
  • Electronics such as TV’s, Computer Monitors, or anything with a screen larger than four inches
  • Items that contain Freon such as refrigerators, air conditioning units, dehumidifiers, or water coolers.
  • Tires
  • Hazardous Materials

Acceptable items for recycling collection

  • Plastic Containers – Kitchen, Laundry, Bath: Bottles and Containers with numbers #1-7 (NO Styrofoam)
  • Cans – Steel cans, Aluminum cans, and Foil (must be clean)
  • Paper- Mixed Paper, Newspaper, Junk Mail, Magazines, Composite Cans, and Flattened Cardboard
  • Cartons – Food and Beverage Cartons
  • Glass – Bottles & Jars (NO Glass Cups, Pyrex, Ceramics, or Window Glass)

Unacceptable items for recycling collection

  • Bagged recyclables
  • Plastic bags
  • No Food or Liquids (empty all containers)
  • No Tanglers (hoses, wires, chains or electronics)
  • No Clothing or Linens


Hometown does not provide service on major holidays, including Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day, to allow their employees to spend time with their families.

If your collection day falls on or after one of the holidays listed above, your service will be delayed one day for that week. If the major holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, pickup will not be delayed as routes do not run on the weekends.

For example, If Memorial Day falls on a Monday; Monday customers are picked up Tuesday, Tuesday customers on Wednesday, Wednesday on Thursday, Thursday on Friday, and Friday on Saturday.

Weather Delays

Believe it or not, Garbage Trucks are terrible in the snow and ice. Hometown does their very best to plan for storms and work ahead when possible. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not always cooperate, and service must be delayed to keep both customers and employees safe. Hometown will try their best to collect your waste the following day but at times this may be delayed further depending on the weather. Please be patient. We know how frustrating it is waiting to have material collected but safety is #1 priority.

Contact Us

Hometown's Customer Service Team is available Mon-Fri, 8:30AM – 5:00PM to answer any questions you may have. They can be reached at (866) 948-7274 or at [email protected]

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