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Practical Info for Homeowners

All Lan Avon property is governed by the Covenants and Bylaws of the Lan Avon Homeowners’ Association. According to the Declarations all properties within the boundary of Lan Avon are held accountable to the Covenants, Bylaws and Resolutions of the Lan Avon Homeowners Association.  Agreement to these Governing Documents is automatic when purchasing any property within the designated Lan Avon area.  Please refer to these Governing Documents for a complete and thorough listing.  It is important for all residents of Lan Avon to know that you are bound to these by these Governing Documents.

Your Membership in the Association

As a Lan Avon property owner you are automatically a member of the Lan Avon Homeowners’ Association.  The following is a brief and informal explanation of the services, obligations and current practices of the Association that seem most immediately useful to homeowners on a day-to-day basis.  You will find more detailed and precise information in the Covenants, By-Laws & Resolutions, and in documents produced from time to time by the Association’s Architectural Review, Grounds Committees and Roadway Committees.  These documents are available on our website

We strongly recommend that you visit the Lan Avon website ( and register as a new homeowner at the following link -  Our website offers many useful resources which will help you navigate being a resident in Lan Avon.   In addition to notices about grounds and roadway services, you will also find invitations to community events, Board meeting minutes, procedures to request approval for changes to landscaping or architecture, copies of the governing documents, and contact information for other residents in the community.

Currently, annual dues are set at $2340 for each residence and $1164 for each privately owned un-improved lot.  Dues may be paid monthly, in advance, at the beginning of each month or quarter.  Mail your payment to the Lan Avon Homeowners Association, c/o Paradigm Properties Group, 2029 Cato Avenue, State College, PA 16807

What the Association Provides

The Homeowners’ Association maintains the common facilities and infrastructure.  In addition, the Association provides the following services to property owners:

Yard Care.  The Association maintains the grass in the common areas and individual homeowners’ lots, as well as all plantings in front of each residence (from the front door on one side to the service entry of the garage on the other).  Services include occasional weeding of garden beds, mulching, and pruning of shrubs. Homeowners who prefer to tend their own gardens may opt out of this part of the Association’s services by contacting the Grounds Committee. It is the individual homeowner’s responsibility to maintain all plantings in the back part of your property, mulch and to keep this area weed-free.

Snow Removal.  When a winter storm produces an accumulation of three or more inches, or otherwise at the discretion of the Board, the Association will clear the ice and snow from Victoria Lane and from homeowners’ driveways and sidewalks. Lesser snowfalls are normally the responsibility of individual property owners. Homeowners are provided with two plastic snow guide poles. To assist with snow removal, you are asked to secure these at the edge of your driveway throughout the season.

Trash Collection.  The Association arranges for weekly trash collection and twice-monthly single-stream recycling. Your dues cover pickup of one Trash Can per week and one Recycle Bin twice a month.  Currently, Hometown Disposal collects trash every Friday morning at a very early hour, and collects recycling on the second and fourth Fridays of each month.  If you have additional trash or other items, you can arrange pickup directly with Hometown (570-286-9594) for an additional fee.  Hometown collects on all holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. When these holidays fall on a weekday, Lan Avon’s pickup is automatically postponed from Friday to Saturday. All trash must be bagged and fit inside secured and closed containers.  Residents are asked that garbage cans and trash be left outside no more than 24 hours.

Your Obligations to the Association.

Parking. Resident automobiles are to be kept within garages and garage doors shut. Residents must find an offsite location to store any vehicles that do not fit within your garage.  Daily visitors and workers are to park in your driveway or if needed, on in any gravel berm alongside Victoria Lane. Parking there should be with all wheels on the berm (gravel) and macadam so as to protect the integrity of our grassy surfaces.

Exterior Construction & Improvements.  Your property must be maintained in compliance with the regulations contained in the Covenants and specified by the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).   Essentially this means that you must restrict yourself to the building materials and paint colors approved by the Architectural Review Committee. If you contemplate making any changes to the exterior of your house you must first request and receive approval by ARC.

Front of House Landscaping.  You are required to maintain your property in good condition, and to keep it looking attractive and clutter-free. Lawn ornaments are permissible only with the prior approval of the ARC, and your cars, trashcans and most other objects should be kept out of sight in the garage, with the garage door closed.  If you contemplate making any changes to the landscaping at the front of your house you must request and receive approval by the Grounds Committee.

Satellite Dishes.  Given the close proximity of our houses at Lan Avon and in consideration of all our neighbors, satellite dishes should be placed where they are not easily seen by others.

Pets.  Pets must not be out of the Owner’s control at any time and all pet feces in any public or common area must be removed immediately by the owner.  Pets must be restrained by a line or electronic fence to keep them on your property, and on a leash when they venture into the neighborhood.  We do love our pets in Lan Avon!  Owners are encouraged to post a picture of your pet in the Pet Directory on the LAHA website, so we can help them find their way home if need be.

About the Governance of the Association

Homeowners are members of the Lan Avon Homeowners’ Association, which meets annually.  Each residence has one vote in the Association, and the Developer has a vote for each unsold lot; individually owned un-improved lots carry no vote.

The Board of Directors and Officers of Lan Avon Homeowners Association conducts the Association’s day-to-day affairs.  For a list of current Director, Officers and committee members, log in to our website and look under “For Lan Avon HOA Members Only”.

Selling Your House

If you are about to offer your house for sale or for rent, please inform the Association President by e-mail or otherwise in writing, ensure that your realtor and prospective buyers or renters are aware from the outset of Lan Avon’s status as a Regulated Planned Community, and point them to the governing documents posted on our website. 

Pennsylvania law requires that you provide your buyer with a Resale Certificate, which comes with myriad attachments including hard copies of the Covenants and By-Laws. As soon as you have secured a buyer, please request this certificate from the Association by completing and submitting the form Request for Resale Certificate, available on our website You also need to deliver a check for $100 to the Treasurer, who then requires 10 days to complete the certificate. Note that your buyer has 5 days after receiving the certificate to void the sales contract.

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