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Architecture and Grounds Guidelines

Homeowners should be aware of several materials specifications applicable to all landscaped areas in our community. The specifications were adopted over the years (found by reading through old reports) but for clarity are summarized and presented here: 

The HOA sources mulch at Fogle’s Landscape Supply on Route 45 west of Lewisburg. You’re free to source where you wish, but all mulch materials in all areas (front, side and back) should match ours which is a dark brown mulch. Here’s a link to the materials on the Fogle’s website

The HOA sources landscape stone at Fogle's Landscape Supply. We use Susquehanna River Gravel which is also sourced at Fogle’s. There are various sizes which are appropriate for different purposes, but we mostly use 3/4 inch size around trees and 1-3 or 3A size to manage storm water flow. More information is here 

We use Pennington Smart Seed Pennsylvania State Mix for grass seed. It is available at local retailers such as Lowe's or can be sourced online. has this mix but as of April 2018, is not available at our local Lewisburg WalMart. Please, do not spread anything but this mix. Please contact the Grounds Committee if you have a need to repair or wish to overseed any areas.

Questions? Feel free to call a member of the Grounds Committee. 

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